Classroom management is one of the most critical ingredients to effective teaching. In my opinion, the most effective way to deal with difficult behavior is to prevent it. My instruction reinforces positive behavior, stimulates attention and imagination, and focuses on expectations that are clear to my students.
Effort/Respect Color Chart

This color chart is used to help monitor each child's effort and behavior for the day. It encourages students to work hard, show respect, and be responsible.
  • All students begin on green and move up and down the chart accordingly.
  • Purple is awarded with a positive note and the consequence for red is a call home.
  • Effort and respect for each student is recorded daily and sent home in the weekly updates every Friday for guardians to sign and return.

"What can I do to make it BETTER, not WORSE"

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Student Roles and Responsibilities

I feel that classroom jobs are an effective way to enlist students in the duties of running a classroom, promote positive behaviors, and ensure that all students feel welcomed and valued in the classroom.